Labels and packaging for clothing

Labels have always been necessary to indicate sizes, prices, discounts and garment care. More and more small garments or accessories are being packed in zippered bags to ensure the care and integrity.

We have options for each case, from labels that are used for the preparation, control and production of the garments, to those that the final customer will observe for the purchase decision.

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Hang tags

Size label

Textile industrial use


  • There are garments that are made of more delicate fabrics and some adhesives could damage them. It is important that the adhesive used is not too aggressive to damage or leave traces of it on the fabric.
  • You should consider if you want the label to be easily removable or if you want it to leave evidence that it was removed or repositioned in order to recommend the correct substrate to fulfill its purpose.
  • A “flat pouch” packaging can make a garment or accessory look Premium. If its printed or even more if it’s personalized. Consumers are increasingly noticing these details to achieve loyalty and generate the customer experience, personalization is a key tool.