Home Care Labels and Packaging

We have many options to identify your product, adhesive labels in a variety of plastic materials, PP, PET,
laminations, heat shrink sleeves that can adapt to the shape of the container, Stand up Pouch or flexible
packaging in the right material for your product, with spout or zipper. We also have friendly environment

Find the right choice for your products


  • For regular use products and their labels such as disinfectants, window cleaners, dish soaps, chlorine or bleach will be handled with wet hands and need to last for long periods of time. It´s important that the identification of these products and their information are legible during the producto life. For this reason, at Flexsa we recommend BOPP materials or laminated papers to have long-lasting and protected labels.
  • Cleaning supplies labels today come with a wide variety of scents and special contents to give the customer a rainbow of alternatives according to their needs and preferences. Do not spend on labels and packaging that will become obsolete due to changes in regulations by having to order large quantities, keep maximum flexibility in the design of your product and take care of your cash flow to manage your business.