Personal Care Labels and Packaging

When we go to the supermarket we find a wide range of options to choose from, so it’s necessary to quickly
stand out and attract the attention of the buyer. The label or packaging you use is one of the most important facts when choosing which producto brand to buy comes to.

Finishes that will highlight your product

The personal care label must reflect quality and elegance, for this we have several solutions depending on the product and the environment to which it will be exposed.

We can make heat shrinkable sleeves, pressure sensitive labels for your container or special packaging with a variety of finishes, matte or glossy, metallic, embossed or why not… a combination of a variety of finishes that will make your product stand out from the rest.

Find the right choice for your products

Nail polish


The personal care products market is constantly changing and there are many scents and specialties that require customization. For this we have the perfect solution, short runs manufactured with the best quality of digital printing available in the world and with the possibility of adding all the finishes that will give you the elegance and quality that your product requires. We can print on waterproof materials with the right glues or adhesives so your labels look always as good as when the customer bought them.