Labels, Shrink sleeves and Packaging

Pets are becoming more and more important in people’s lives and the variety of pet care and feeding products for them has increased in our markets considerably.

The image of dog food and other pet’s food is improving trying to look better and to be distinguished in store’s shelves with different finishes. The care products have now more images and are already very similar to humans’. High definition photography are a trend in this category.

Find the right choice for your products


  • Now pet care products have more options based on breeds or sizes of pets. You can make a difference on your products by using the same type of packaging with shrink sleeves that covers the entire package; giving it an image that makes the difference, preserving the design line. This means that a complete line can be seen on store shelves with the desired variety.
  • Pet food packages has several packing sizes. There are ones that will be for a single use, as well as those that must be resealable to keep the product until it runs out. You can use zippered packaging to preserve the freshness of the food and be able to open it as many times as necessary. Your client will appreciate not having to move it´s content to other containers to store it.