At FLEXSA we can manufacture self-adhesive labels for high-speed manual or automatic labelling. We stand out for having the ability to make short and long print runs as required.

We have special finishes and processes

Glow in the dark

Adhesive printing for use on liquids or transparent surfaces.

Matte and Glossy Finishing

Combination of varnishes for special finishes in specific areas.

Metallic foil

We can apply Cold foil or Hot Stamping finishes to give does extraordinary metallic Finishes.

Embossing and 3D Varnishes

Draw the attention of your users with 3d finishes on your products.

Adhesive Barcodes Labels

We can print your codes with consecutive or variable numbering.

Security with evidence

Adhesive labels that leave evidence that it has already been opened or removed.

With our special finishes and processes you can make your label stand out

We can manufacture your labels in Premium Papers, white or transparent films, metallic and many others with different adhesives for different uses in many type of industries.

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