Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging fulfill a fundamental objective: to preserve the product inside from the moment it is packaged until the moment it is opened by the consumer. Including, thus, the stages of transport, storage, distribution and exhibition.

Bi or tri laminated barriers

Depending on the required Barrier we can manufacture with bi- or tri-laminated films, with a variety of different films and thicknesses.

We have the ability to place de-gassing valves for coffee, nozzles (Spouts) for, zipper or slider, perforations and other finishes in our preform Bags.

We have different types of packaging

Three Seal Bags

It can be with Zipper or slider, special perforations and more.

Square Bottom Bag

Frequently used for coffee, grains and can be used in fertilizers.

Stand Up Pouch

With several options of finishes and valves.

Printed packaging in Rolls

Printed rolls in different structures for customers who have an automatic filler/packer.

Four Seals Bags

This bag is widely used for coffee, grains and pet food.

Variety of packaging for all types of products

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